P*LAW’s Rachel Lopez to speak to Yale’s Law & Political Economy Project about her groundbreaking work on participatory law scholarship.
March 24, 2024

Register below at the link for Yale Law's panel on Participatory Law Scholarship: Reimagining Legal Academia.  

Professor Lopez recently authored an article on Participatory Law Scholarship forthcoming in the Columbia Law Review. These works are part of an emergent genre of participatory law scholarship (PLS…

Read Jane Manners LA Times Opinion Piece "What the ancient Greeks understood about democracy that Trump does not"
March 23, 2024

Jane Manners recently penned an opinion piece with Melissa Lane (Princeton University UCHV) titled, "What the ancient Greeks understood about democracy that Trump does not."

Prof. Deborah Pearlstein Speaks on the Cardozo Law Review 2024 Symposium on Ethics in the Judiciary and the Legal Profession: "Are We in Crisis? "
March 15, 2024

Professor Pearlstein recently appeared in the Cardozo Law Review Symposium on Ethics in the Judiciary and the Legal Profession: "Are We in Crisis?"

Watch our Donald S. Bernstein '75 Lecturer, Tim Wu: "AI and the Law"
March 14, 2024

Columbia Law Professor, Tim Wu, gave our Bernstein Lecture about AI and the Law.  

Click on the source link to watch the talk.

Watch P*Law Event on Content Moderation
Feb. 29, 2024

P*LAW and the Princeton Center for Information Technology Policy (PCITP) hosted an event on February 21, 2024 entitled "Malinformation, Content Moderation and the Coming Revolution in Law and Social Media." The panelists were Alex Abdo of the Knight First Amendment Institute, Jacob Shapiro of Princeton University, and Juliet Shen of the…

Congratulations to P*LAW Lecturer Prof. Lynda Dodd on her lecture for the Princeton Adult School and the Community Auditing Program
Feb. 27, 2024

Lynda Dodd presented a lecture at the Friend Center on Feb. 27 about her book project, Taming the Rights Revolution: The Supreme Court, Constitutional Torts, and the Elusive Quest for Accountability, for the Claire R. Jacobus Lecture Series, which features eight Princeton scholars on eight nights this spring…

Watch Prof. Deborah Pearlstein on CNN Max
Feb. 8, 2024

P*LAW's Professor Deborah Pearlstein appeared on CNN Max with Jim Sciutto to discuss the Supreme Court's hearing on Colorado's decision to keep President Trump off the ballot.

Read Deborah Pearlstein’s latest in The Atlantic Monthly
Jan. 28, 2024

Read Deborah Pearlstein’s latest in The Atlantic Monthly on the case regarding Donald Trump’s eligibility for office now pending at the Court. “Arguments about the Court’s legitimacy point to the importance of it avoiding partisan polarization in its judgment. Legitimacy is not an argument to duck the merits of the case altogether…. In…

Why Israel's Supreme Court Must Remain a Strong Check on Power—Especially Now
Jan. 26, 2024

Read Prof. Udi Ofer's Newsweek article, "Why Israel's Supreme Court Must Remain a Strong Check on Power—Especially Now."

Prof. Deborah Pearlstein Testifies before Department of Homeland Security House Committee
Jan. 25, 2024

Constitutional Law Expert, Prof. Deborah Pearlstein, testified before the DHS Committee as a Minority Witness.

Prof. Netta Barak-Corren is interviewed for Israel From The Inside
Jan. 22, 2024

"It's as if Hamas attacked on October 7, but then disappeared."  Prof. Netta Barak-Corren is interviewed on Israel From The Inside on South Africa's genocide case against Israel at the Hague, the essence of Israel's defense, and what's at stake.

P*LAW Fellow Jane Manners will serve as a Brennan Center Expert Historian
Jan. 19, 2024

To help change the national legal conversation on history and the Constitution, the Brennan Center has convened a council of 18 expert historians from leading institutions nationwide. P*LAW Fellow Jane Manners will serve on the Council.

Crane Fellow John Morijn Authored a Study on "Enforcement of EU law in the Area of Freedom, Security and Justice Policy"
Jan. 18, 2024

This study, commissioned by the European Parliament’s Policy Department for Citizens’ Rights and Constitutional Affairs at the request of the LIBE Committee, provides a quantitative and qualitative analysis of how EU law in the Area of Freedom, Security and Justice (AFSJ) is currently enforced. It discusses traditional enforcement tools like…

Prof. Deborah Pearlstein Appears on a Panel at the Annual AALS Meeting
Jan. 4, 2024

What does it mean for the law to try and hold political figures accountable? In a democracy that is usually left to elections, or impeachment. But we have seen a number of cases where political figures have been subject to civil and criminal liability for their actions in office. Does this enhance or undermine democracy? What about…

Crane Fellow Rachel Lopez Appeared at the Annual AALS on an International Human Rights Panel
Jan. 3, 2024

The panel examines the criminal prosecutions of former President Donald J. Trump from a transitional justice perspective. Transitional justice typically describes how societies respond to legacies of civil war or mass atrocities. But it also provides an important perspective on the Trump prosecutions as the U.S. grapples with the challenges…

Prof. Udi Ofer Provides New York Times Comment on the President’s Use of Categorical Clemency
Dec. 22, 2023

The New York Times article, "Biden Commutes Drug Sentences for 11 and Expands Marijuana Pardons," talks about President Biden’s recent pardons and commutations, building on his actions from last year on marijuana pardons.

"Criminal-justice and sentencing activists said that Mr. Biden’s efforts to expand on marijuana…

Prof. Udi Ofer Testifies Before NJ State Assembly on the issue of civilian oversight of police
Dec. 12, 2023

Professor Udi Ofer testified in support of a bill that would create a pilot program to allow for Civilian Complaint Review Boards in the state with subpoena authority

SPIA Reacts: Sandra Day O’Connor and Her Supreme Court Legacy
Dec. 6, 2023

Professor Deborah Pearlstein & Professor Martin Flaherty are quoted in SPIA Reacts.

The People Who Didn’t Matter to Henry Kissinger
Nov. 30, 2023

Congratulations to P*Law Advisory Committee member Professor Gary Bass on his new piece in The Atlantic on the occasion of Henry Kissinger’s death.  Of Kissinger’s attention to law, Bass writes: “Kissinger passed along an order for ‘a massive bombing campaign in Cambodia.’ Ignoring the distinction between civilian and military…